What to do if a tooth is knocked out

Every year accidents do occur and teeth are knocked out.
This information sheet explains what to do if this happens
– how to best prepare the injury for treatment and how to
reduce the likelihood of any long-term damage.
If a tooth is knocked out, remain calm and act quickly.
The following steps should be taken:

Carefully find the tooth, handle it by the crown only
(not the root) and ensure it is clean. The crown is the
smooth white part of the tooth that is normally visible
in the mouth.

If the root is dirty, and the patient is calm and
conscious, they can gently suck the tooth clean.
Alternatively, rinse the tooth in milk or very briefly,
in water.

Immediately replant the tooth in the socket making
sure the tooth is facing the right way around. Time is
critical and immediate replacement is best, but should
ideally not be delayed beyond 30 minutes.

Hold the tooth in place. Aluminium foil may be used to
help stabilise the tooth, or the patient can bite gently
on gauze or a soft cloth.

If you are unable to replant the tooth, keep it moist by
putting it in a cup of milk, sealing it in plastic wrap or
placing it in the patient’s mouth next to the cheek,
if the patient is able to do so.

Seek immediate Dental Treatment – TIME IS CRITICAL.

Points to remember:
➜➜Do not hold the tooth by the root surface.
➜➜Do not scrape or rub the root surface.
➜➜Do not let the tooth dry out.
➜➜Do not put the tooth in ice.
➜➜ Avoid rinsing or storing the tooth in water for more
than a one or two seconds.
➜➜ Do not remove any tissue or gum fragments from
the tooth.