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Oral Pathology in Fullerton, CA

Oral Pathology

Fullerton Oral Surgery provides oral pathology in Fullerton, CA.
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What Is Oral Pathology?

Oral pathology is a dental specialty focusing on diagnosing and treating diseases of the mouth. Oral pathology involves:

  • Assessing anomalies.
  • Testing them for malignancy or other disease markers.
  • Treating the problem to preserve the patient's health.

Oral pathology often begins with a comprehensive examination given by a general dentist or oral surgeon. The dentists and oral surgeons are trained to find possible oral problems like lumps, spots, sores and other lesions.

Oral pathology covers diseases including oral cancer, canker sores, fungal infections, salivary problems, and oral herpes.

Procedures Offered

Here are some of the oral pathology services we offer:

Comprehensive Examinations

When patients visit the oral surgeon, they receive comprehensive examinations. Oral surgeons frequently perform imaging tests that can identify cysts, tumors, and other problems before they cause noticeable symptoms.


When a suspicious lesion appears, an oral surgeon takes a biopsy and sends it out to a pathologist for diagnosis.

Tumor and Cyst Removal

Oral surgeons can take out tumors and cysts, preparing the patient for possible future treatment with radiation or chemotherapy if needed.

Infection Treatment

Oral cancer is not the only disease of concern. Fungal, bacterial, and viral infections also affect tissues inside the mouth. Oral surgeons can perform procedures and prescribe medications to care for these problems.

Why Choose Fullerton Oral Surgery?

We strive to create an office environment where our patients feel comfortable and relaxed. We offer comprehensive surgical services in a friendly, modern environment, using the most up-to-date methods and technology. We run an efficient office that respects your valuable time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oral Pathology

Here are selected questions from our patients:

What are some of the signs of oral cancer that I should know?

Some of these signs include:

  • Lumps, rough spots, crusted spots in the mouth
  • Sores that bleed or do not heal
  • Any change in color inside the mouth
  • Pain, numbness, or tenderness
  • Sore throat that does not go away

If you have any of these typical warning signs of oral disease, call our office as soon as possible.

What does an oral biopsy entail?

The surgeon removes a sample of the suspicious lesion under local anesthesia. The sample may be removed with a syringe or needle as in an aspiration biopsy, with a brush, or through surgical removal of the entire lesion, among other methods.

How important is early detection of oral cancer?

Early detection greatly improves survival rates and reduces complications. Oral cancer frequently goes unnoticed as a small white or red sore inside the mouth. Regular oral exams by a trained dental professional and periodic self-checks can help detect cancer at earlier stages and improve prognosis.

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Oral cancer can be a dangerous disease if it goes untreated. If you have a suspicious spot, lump, or lesion in your mouth, do not hesitate to call an oral surgeon for help. Call us at 714-525-1178 to set up an appointment for a consultation.

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