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How Stem Cells Can Help Speed Surgical Recovery Time

August 25, 2023
How Stem Cells Can Help Speed Surgical Recovery Time

One of the most significant breakthroughs of modern medicine is stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy treatments use the body’s own healing abilities to decrease recovery time using cell regeneration. Stem cell therapy benefits include reduced pain and a shorter surgical recovery time. 

Suppose you are considering a dental or oral surgical procedure. In that case, you might wonder how stem cells can speed up your recovery time.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Everyone has stem cells throughout their body. Stem cells are like a raw material that can generate several different types of cells. They are unique cells which gives them the ability to accelerate post-surgical recovery and healing.

Trained medical professionals can harvest stem cells to create a powerful serum. The serum can then be injected into the surgical area, where it will help regenerate damaged cells to improve recovery post-surgery.

Stem cell therapy is minimally invasive and can be performed in the office, with no need for a hospital stay or downtime for recovery.

How Can Stem Cells Help Speed Surgical Recovery Time?

Stem cells begin with a blank slate, and the ability to morph into the specific cells required by the body. As such, stem cells help replace damaged cells, allowing quicker healing after surgery. Stem cells can also help improve pain and discomfort.

Several types of stem cells exist. For instance, mesenchymal stem cells are the most effective in orthopedic-type procedures. These types of stem cells have a robust ability to repair musculoskeletal tissue like bone and cartilage.

Mesenchymal stem cells are largely found in the bone marrow. They can multiply and develop into other cell types, including muscle, bone, and cartilage cells. 

When injected into an injured area, including a surgical site, the stem cells assist with tissue regeneration in the injured area. With stem cells helping the surgical area to repair itself faster, healing and recovery times are reduced.

How are Stem Cells Used in Oral Surgery?

Specific stem cell types taken from the patient’s own blood have been successfully used for many kinds of oral surgeries and procedures, including:

  • Dental implants
  • Palate defects
  • Sinus lifts
  • Fistula repairs between the mouth and sinus
  • Bone regeneration

The goal of stem cell therapy in dental and oral surgery or procedures is to accelerate the healing process and create denser bone. In addition, stem cell therapy has been found to be very effective, especially in patients who are older, medically compromised, or those that have received radiation to the neck or head.

The good news is that the blood components for this type of stem cell therapy come directly from the patient. As a result, the patient doesn’t face the risk of disease transmission from donor platelets or rejection. A dental professional can use the patient’s own blood and blood products to help their body repair, regenerate new cells, and heal quickly and effectively.

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Thanks to modern medical technology, it’s getting easier to recover from oral surgery. Find out if you can benefit from stem cell therapy by speaking with the dental professionals at Fullerton Oral Surgery. Contact us today by phone at 714-525-1178 or request an appointment online.

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