Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My 15 year old needed multiple teeth extractions and we were referred to Dr. Miyamoto. The office is clean, welcoming, yet professional. The staff are friendly, helpful and caring. Her peocedure went smoothly and she was virtually pain-free (she took 1/2 a pain pill the first afternoon only). I wanted to say Thank you! to everyone there for making this experience painless and less scary for my frightened teen, and us. From the nurse who put her at ease discussing Hamilton and other plays, as we left her for her procedure to start, to Suzie, the nurse who watched over her as she came off the anesthetic and she sweetly wheeled her out to our car. I was also very touched that Dr. Miyamoto called us that evening to make sure our daughter was feeling well and was not having any complications or adverse reactions. That personal touch from the doctor, and all the rest combined made this a very positive experience for us all. Thank you so very much. :D.

- Yoly C

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