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Instructions Following Implants

  • Some pain, bleeding, swelling, and seeping is normal following oral surgery. Please do not try to view the site by pulling on your lip and do not probe the area with your tongue or fingers. If you experience excessive bleeding or discomfort, please call our office immediately.
  • You can take ibuprofen or acetaminophen according to the instructions on the label or those provided by our office as needed.
  • Swelling around the face, eyes, and surgical site is not uncommon and may become more noticeable two or three days following surgery. Applying a cold compress to the face near the implant site will help minimize swelling. If using an ice pack, please do not apply ice directly to your skin at all times. You may apply the cold compress for up to 20 minutes on and at least 20 minutes off as needed
  • Avoid brushing your teeth near the surgery site but brush and floss the rest of your mouth as instructed by our office.
  • For 7 days following your surgery, do not use a straw, smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Restrict your activities on the day of your surgery. Avoid excessive work or play, and resume normal activity in a few days as tolerated.
  • A warm salt water rinse, approximately 1⁄2 teaspoon in an eight-ounce glass of water, three times a day can be helpful.
  • Good nutrition and adequate fluid intake are important after surgery. Start off with cool liquids and soft foods. This is to prevent you from burning or biting your lip, cheek, or tongue, suggestions are scrambled eggs,mashed potatoes, pudding, pasta, milkshakes, and yogurt. We encourage you to resume your normal diet as soon as possible.
  • All removable appliances, including partial dentures, flippers, and full dentures, must be checked for proper fit before they can be worn. The denture may need to be adjusted if it hits the implant area.
  • It is extremely important to keep your follow-up appointments so that we can monitor the healing process.
  • If pain and swelling are increasing after a few days, please call our office right away.