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Tooth Extractions in Fullerton, CA

Extracted Tooth
If you have an impacted wisdom tooth or canine tooth, or need a damaged tooth extracted for any reason, Fullerton Oral Surgery performs tooth extractions in Fullerton, CA. Call 714-525-1178 to learn more and schedule an appointment.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is an oral surgery procedure where an oral surgeon removes your tooth from its socket. An extraction can become necessary for a number of different reasons, due to injury, decay, or impaction.

An impacted tooth is a tooth that will not pass completely through the gums. They are a fairly common occurrence, particularly in the case of both wisdom teeth and canine, or cuspid, teeth

When it comes to impacted wisdom teeth, extraction is always the best solution. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge in your mouth. While our wisdom teeth were once necessary for the raw plant and meat diet of our ancestors, as humans have evolved, our diet has changed, too. Now unnecessary, our present-day smaller jaws usually don’t have the room required to fit wisdom teeth, and that lack of space leads to impaction. Wisdom teeth effectively become stuck in the back of the jaw, which can cause pain and infections among other problems.  

Similar issues can arise with impacted canines. The older the patient, the more likely it is that an impacted eye tooth will not erupt naturally, even if there is space available for the tooth to fit.

Procedures Offered

At Fullerton Oral Surgery, our skilled dental team, led by Dr. Steven Miyamoto, is ready to help your family with all your oral health needs.

We provide a full range of oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures, including:

  • Wisdom teeth removal - to accelerate healing, we offer growth factors through stem cells on every wisdom tooth patient at no charge
  • Impacted Canines
  • Uprighting of Impacted Molars

Why Choose Fullerton Oral Surgery?

Our office prides itself on our world class service, from state-of-the-art technology to a warm and friendly team in a comfortable office setting.

We use the latest in computer-guided surgery, and have extensive expertise in growth factors and stem cell technology.

We’re well known for performing skilled oral surgery procedures for residents from Anaheim and Buena Park to Placentia, from Garden Grove and Cypress to Whittier and La Habra – in short, for patients throughout northern Orange County.

Tooth Extraction FAQs

Why is there no room for my wisdom teeth to come in?

Wisdom teeth often don’t fit our mouths and jaws. Human jaws are considerably smaller than those of our ancestors. And so, without enough room to fit easily, wisdom teeth will often push up and crowd other teeth or be unable to erupt properly, causing impaction.

How long does it take a child to heal from a canine extraction?

Usually, healing should take only a day or two for a baby tooth extraction.

What should be done after an extraction?

While our office will provide you with complete care instructions, there are a few important things to remember. Be sure any prescribed antibiotics and pain medication are taken. If prescribed, antibiotics will be used to help prevent any infections. Pain medication will help to prevent discomfort, and it’s always easier to follow prevention guidelines than to struggle with battling pain. Ice packs can be used to reduce any swelling.

What should I avoid after an extraction?

Avoid tough, chewy, or crunchy foods that can become stuck near or on the extraction site. Avoid very hot beverages, because the heat can disrupt the healing blood clot over your extraction. In addition, please avoid smoking, alcohol, and straws which can also disrupt the clot and cause injury to the healing process.

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